Where art meets photography.
with in each subject, no masks, just the raw beauty that represents who the person truly is. This connection, the capturing and recording of something very human and real, when the creative process is flowing and the vision is being realized, this is what I strive for.

I have heard this creative flow of energy referred to as the “golden thread” or being “in the zone”. This “zone” is where true art is realized. It may just be a gesture, the way the light is falling, or it may be an intense gaze into someone’s eyes. Whatever the subject or medium may be, it is the golden thread between the artist and a subject that makes the ordinary become extraordinary.

I believe art is about our human connection to each other and to the Divine. As put by one of my favorite quotes:

Art exists so that we know

we are not alone.
About The Studio

Since the time that I was a small child I have found an incredible joy in my life while creating art. One of my first portraits was a graphite drawing of my grandmother (all of her age and wrinkles intact). I still remember the deep sense of accomplishment. Growing up, I was encouraged to continue learning about and creating art by the adults in my life (artists, musicians, and a few gangsters). This encouragement and support was soon followed by teachers in school. I sold my first painting to the school principal in eighth grade. My first sculpture, a bust of Jimi Hendrix, became a permanent part of the school art archives. I never wondered about what I wanted to do in life. I knew no matter where I went or what other things I would be doing, I would always make art.

I believe there is an intrinsic beauty in every human soul and that a true portrait brings this out. When I see the portraits painted or drawn by the Old Masters, I feel that I know the subject simply through the art. A successful portrait contains a very real part of the subject being revealed. This is my goal in making portraits, whether my medium is oils, graphite, clay or my camera. It is this depth of the person that intrigues me. There is a stillness that I try to connect

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